What is the Toronado Owners Association?

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The Toronado Owners Association is a group of enthusiasts who believe that Oldsmobile was in front of all its competition when they built the first modern era front-wheel drive passenger vehicle back in 1966. We love the Toronado, from the first year of 1966 to the final production run in 1992, and its successor, the Aurora. Our organization exists to share the pride of owning such a wonderful vehicle, to ensure that as many of these fine cars survive as possible, and to assist their owners in keeping these marvels of engineering on the road.

Why should I join the Toronado Owners Association?

There are several benefits to joining:

  • Connections to other owners who share your interests.
  • A bi-monthly magazine, the Front Wheel Driver.
  • Placement of a free classified ad (car for sale, car wanted, parts for sale, parts wanted, literature, etc.) published in each magazine and on our website.
  • Parts access; find out who has what parts available for your Toronado.
  • Technical Support; fellow members who can help you when you run into trouble. We have a group of Technical Advisors for specific model years and for major mechanical areas (Comfortron, carbs, etc).
  • Access to a members-only section of the TOA website (www.toronado.org/Members) where the membership roster (find Toronado owners in your area), technical articles, etc. are placed.
  • Find out what's 'original' and what is not on your vehicle. See what other owners have done to their cars.

What is required to become a member of the Toronado Owners Association?

Ownership of a Toronado is NOT required for membership in the Toronado Owners Association. (After all, if you like the Oldsmobile Toronado, membership in the Association is the best way to find the perfect vehicle!) We are an independent club, not affiliated with any other car club. Many of our members, however, also belong to the Oldsmobile Club of America. We encourage such dual membership. But, membership in another club is NOT a requirement to belong to the Toronado Owners Association.

What does it cost to belong?

Membership in the TOA is on an annual basis. New members receive the current issue and the succeeding 5 issues each year. Subsequent issues are mailed only to those members in good standing at the time of mailing. Annual membership is $41 (USA), $47 (USA First Class) and $47 (Foreign), payable in US currency, checks drawn on a US Bank. If a renewal is received after the due date and the magazine has been mailed, you will miss an issue and your membership will start with the next issue. Membership applications can be found at www.toronado.org.

How do I contact the Toronado Owners Association?

Click here to contact us.

Our mailing address is:

TOA or Toronado Owners Association
PO Box 373
Hubertus, WI 53033-0373

We hope you share our interest in the Oldsmobile Toronado, we look forward to hearing from you.