Loss of power

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Loss of power

Postby Slick66 » Thu Jun 06, 2024 5:04 pm

Been driving my 66 for 2 months. Has new plugs. Has rough idle. It is definitely underpowered mostly but ONLY when I punch the gas quickly the car does take off. I imagine a cylinder isn't firing properly, not sure. Fixed two vaccum leaks. It used to ping under load in the beginning. Hasn't for about a month and a half. I gather I burnt a decent amount of carbon out. Two days ago while the car was under load uphill, I punched the gas and I heard what sounded like a very loud pinging accompanied by a slight screech. Made it home no problem. Drove the car even under load for two more days, no problem just low power. Occasionally oil spits out of the filler tube.Does anyone have some ideas of whats going on?

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