'75 Oldsmobile Toronado


The '75 Toronado was the fifth year of the second generation Toronado.

The Toronado had be redesigned for '71 and resembled the Previous generation Eldorado especially in profile.

The '75 went to vertical rub strips with horizontal taillights.

All Toronados had opera windows.

Identifying a '75 Toronado



Grill in hood with slots in bumper .
Horizontal grill bars.
Color Coordinated rubber rubstrip on bumper.
Headlights changed to rectangular units paired chrome bezels.
Toronado in block lettering on hood.
Bumper is on Hydraulic rams. Toronado T hood ornament.



No louvers in decklid.
Horizontal taillights and backup lights in chrome / silver band.
Upper Brake lights below back window.
Rear bumper mounted on hydraulic rams.
Color coordinated bumper rub strips.
Trunk lock cover with Toronado T crest.
Toronado script on right side of decklid


Chrome side moldings available.
1/4 vinyl top is available
All Toronados have opera windows
Toronado script on lower half of front fender.


Dash same as '74.
Brougham will have pillowed seats.
Custom will have pleated pattern on seats.
All models Toronados have color coordinated steering wheels and black pedal pads
Dash pod facia and steering wheel spokes have wood grain pattern
Air bags available.

Copyright; 1998 Chuck Noppe
Revised: March 12, 1999