'71 Oldsmobile Toronado


The Toronado had be redesigned for '71 and resembled the Previous generation Eldorado especially in profile with sharp creases in body panels and more formal styling.

Identifying a '71 Toronado




Grills below bumper.
Eggcrate grill bars.
No rubstrip on bumper.
Headlights paired in chrome bezel.
Oldsmobile Rocket in Winged bezel on hood.
Toronado Script on Hood.(drivers side)



Flow through ventilation louvers in decklid.
Rectangular taillights.
Upper Brake lights below back window
Vertical backup lights in bumper
Gas filler behind license plate
Toronado script on right side with BY OLDSMOBILE in rectangular emblem.


No side moldings available.
Vinyl top is halo type with paint boarder.
Toronado scripts with front drive in rectangular box below on lower half of front fenders


New style dash with modular panels on controls similar to full sized Oldsmobiles.
Brougham will have square biscuit pattern on seats.
Custom will have pleated pattern on seats.
All models Toronados have black steering wheels and color coordinated pedal pads


Fan shroud mounted to radiator caused cooling problems with low set grills.