Toro vs. Eldo


1. The "Transmission Overhaul Gasket Kit" is the same for the Toro and Eldo (part number 8624958). This implies that many internal parts (seals, etc.) would match ... also externals like "Final Drive to Trans. Gasket". Actually, let's look that one up specifically ... O.K. for Eldo, it's 389948 and for Toro, it's 389948. So since the gasket's the same, I suspect mating your Eldo tranny to your Toro final drive would be smmooooth.

2. The final drives are also the same: Eldorado 68-75: part number 230781 (3.07:1 ratio). Toronado 66-73 (at least): also 230781 (3.07:1 ratio) Starting at 71 (Toro) and 74 (Eldo) (that's interesting) also available: 231301 (2.73:1 ratio).

3. The torque converter numbers are also the same for the various years, BUT: 71 Eldo converter is number 8623964 and 67 Toro converter number is 8623962 (Toro started using 8623964 in 68). I have no idea of the differences between these, if any.

4. Flywheel: 71 Eldo: 3514879, 67 Toro: 386250. Who knows?, but the tranny cases are the same: 66-74 Toro: 8624986, 67-75 Eldo: 8624986.

If you want me to check any specific parts, let me know.


Submitted by: Graham Stewart