Rear Spring Replacement


Ok, boys, here's my report on installing rear springs. I finally plunked down a wad-o-cash for a set of replacement springs from Kanter. It takes a month to get them, but of course they debit your credit card immediately.

The springs are supplied by a third party, Detroit Springs, which I discoverd by looking at the sticker they applied to each of the springs. Maybe we should be dealing direct, eh?

They arrived on my doorstep via U.P.S. I thought the packing job was rather minimal-- they slapped an address label on each spring and shipped them sans box. I guess there's not too much chance that they would be damaged by dropping them, but I bet those poor UPS drivers were cussing! Imagine trying to deal with these monster springs banging around as you make your deliveries.

Anyway. The replacements have several leaves in them, whereas the originals just had one leaf. So you'll need a set of slightly longer bolts to accomodate these babies.

It took me about three hours per spring, believe it or not. All the bolts were rusty and hard to get at. The only trick, really, was the front bolt, which has to be installed first when you put the spring back in. You have to rock the spring around a bit to get the bolt to go through all the requisite holes.

I've just finished, it's dark, and I'm going to go on a little test drive. I'll let you know if there are any surprises. The car looks like it rides a couple of inches higher-- I'lll take it out on my favorite torture run down New Jersey's finest byways and see if it still bottoms out.

Gotta get this thing ready in time for the Big Cruise down to Atlanta to see my folks. The clock is ticking, and I still don't have a heater fan or an appropriatee (read: 8-track) sound system, but at least I got new springs!


Submitted by: Dave Morton