Radio Schematics


Boyz under the dash-

Remember the Sams Photofacts I mentioned? Went looking for the one I had around here.

Well, I struck oil _and_ gold! Sorta. I didn't find the one I had, altho I think I know where it is. I just have to move eight boxes of Oldsmobile parts to find out.

What I _did_ find, is the Sams Photofact Index for 1980. This is the book the guy at the counter uses to look up which Photofact you need, when you give him the model number of the car radio, tv or whatever you want a schematic for.

Oh, and I stand corrected; lookup is by the model #, like 03BFM2, not the part number, like 7313193.

In 1980, Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc. was at 4300 West 62nd Street, Indianapolis IN 46268. Delco radios are listed under General Motors. Index also has an address list of Photofact distributors, and a list of addresses for tv/radio manufacturers.

In '80, you could still get a copy of Photofact #1 (for tv sets) which was originally released in ... 1946!

Listing of AR (Auto Radio) Photofacts only goes back to those released in '63 (AR19-AR21). Which, of course, covers the years we're interested in!

Is this fascinating, or what?!

Now for the clincher... if you send me the model # of your radio, I'll tell you what the # is for the Photofact that covers it! I'll even throw in the name of a 1980 distributor near you; who knows, maybe the guy's still there.

BTW, there's an arthurized Delco repair guy near here (Rockville MD, near Washington DC) if anyone's interested. I had him work on a '72 Olds radio five years or so ago. He's kinda expensive; but would work on older stuff and may have parts to support it. Lemmee know if anyone wants name, etc.

After reading what Gregg and Sparky have said, plus Dave's excellent description of the WonderBar workings, plus Mike's excerpt from the factory manual, I'd be inclined to try the tuner cleaner/WD-40 (we call it W30) method; with perhaps an inspection for fried components and bad solder connections. A buddy of mine used to troubleshoot electronics by the "smoke test"; hooked up whatever he had problems with, with the covers off, turned it on , let it burn up, and replaced all the components that burned up. "Crude, but efficient!"


Submitted by:Doug Kitchener