Standard vs. Deluxe
1966 vs.1967

In a quest to help us distinguish a STD vs DLX by visual inspection I have done more research.
I am still working on all the pieces to the puzzle, but have made some observations to help solve the dilemma. Feedback is welcome.

As you could order all options "ala cart" so to speak. It becomes very hard to do a visial inspection and really be certain (see post on VIN's)

However, I was always under the impression that a 1966 Deluxe had double door handles (front and back). This seems to hold true. However, I also understood that a deluxe had the front fender cornering lights as part of the deluxe package. I know this NOT to be true! Other than that and certain option "packages" the dilemma seems to still be with me.

Many changes were made between 66 and 67. One of them being the double door handles as 'standard' and the other being the split front/back master cylinder with a disk brake option.

I have mucho literature on 1966 and 1967, including a "Confidential" advanced ordering form for the 1967 model year and still can't make that definative leap to an exact description of what makes a deluxe a deluxe!!! The main reason is you could go down the option list and "add" to the standard equipment, all the item groupings and virtually build a Standard into a deluxe model (but, it would still have the 48 series in the vin!!!!!!!!!)

Whos on first! No.... He's on second...... and so on!

If anyone is intersted. I can post the 1967 ordering form and option list with the deluxe item groupings. Then maybe YOU can figure it out! (:

My final impression of this is that it is easier to tell (by looking) a standard model because it is such a plain Jane!

But, you could order a deluxe without a heater, without tinted windows, without air, without a stereo radio, without cornering lights, without floormats and on and on. So, wouldn't that Deluxe be a sorta plain too? I rather doubt that there are many (if any) of these around, but the possibility exists because of the way you could order it!

The ONLY accessory groupings that came with the deluxe option in 1967 are:

A91 Trunk latch-power

B93 Moldings, Chrome door edge guards

Y60 Lamps and Mirror, Convenience

But you could order these on a standard model separately as to create the illusion of the deluxe package.

So, options are not best way to go to determine the 94 & 96 series is it?

Now after futher sleuthing, I have determined the best (although still not definative way to tell a deluxe vs. standard. Interior!

First of all: Don't go by paint color. You could order and STD or DLX in all the colors offered being common to both.

These are 1967 Interior stats:

The only 4 color interior options for a Standard are:



43-Bimini Blue


With a Deluxe, you could get all of those colors plus:



So, if you see a 1967 Toro with a #15 or #49 MUST be a Deluxe! The deluxe also had a better quality fabric too.

But, you could order a deluxe interior in 4 colors that are common to both, which futher fogs the issue. However, those common colors would be of the better quality cloth.

So, bottom line is, you have to compare BOTH the vin and how the car is accessorized to really determine what you have.

Personal note:

Regardless of how the numbers crunch, if the car is well appointed and has what you feel is important or what you want, buy it and/or drive it! I do!

I hope I havn't confused you guys anymore than you already were.

Now, my Dad has a 1967 Toro with 18K original on it. The vin indicates a standard. But, it has 6 way power seats, rear defogger, wonderbar, power trunk, and a host of other accessories that would decieve the best of us! Plus it came with a ribbed interior that I have NEVER seen on any other 66 or 67.

Submitted by: Sparky

November 10, 1996