66, 67, 68 Comparison


I have logged many thousands of miles on 66's, 67's, and 68's. Heres my opinion:


1. 1966

The stiffest suspension of them all. Very firm ride. Road feel is quite apparent. Very responsive steering. Very flat cornering. Very little front end dip on hard braking.

2. 1967

Slightly softer (but still relatively stiff) suspension. All other qualities are similar, but just a hair on the smoother side.

3. 1968

Softest suspension of the 3 years. It was rumored that sales were down due to the rough riding qualities in 66 and 67. This was the first year a more "cushioned ride". More side roll, front end dip, and less feeling of the road. However, it was a much smoother ride and generally more pleasant to drive on long trips.

IMHO, I prefer the ride of the 67 for overall driving pleasure. Although, if I ever had to tackle Pikes Peak, the 66 would be my choice.

Now to how it was achieved:

I have had miserable experiences with after market shocks (as did Dr. Barry). These were all obtained from Fusick. Not sure if it was due to the particular manufacturer of the shock or that they are all inferior compared to the original GM shocks.

Anyway, with that being said, it is hard for me to determine what the variable was that changed the quality of the ride.

As far as I know, there are only two variables:

1. The shock rate 2. The front torsion bar rate and rear sring rate.

Since the wieght of the car in all 3 years is within a few pounds, I doubt that they re-forged or re-rated torsion bar and spring rates, but its possible. It may have been done with shock rates.

I am no expert on suspensions, thats just how I see it.


Submitted by: Sparky