Frint Hub Assembly

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Frint Hub Assembly

Postby Willysnut1959 » Fri Sep 07, 2018 2:04 pm

I'm in the process of reassembling the new CV shaft and hub assembly on my '66 Toro. The replacement Surtrack CV shaft # GM8111 has a slightly smaller hub diameter (2.560") than the original shaft (2.701") at the oil seal. This is the part of the CV shaft that fits up against the bearing in the wheel hub assembly. I'm wondering whether this smaller diameter will create a problem with the oil seal that is installed at the back of the knuckle. Since the wheel bearing is sealed, what is the purpose of the oil seal?

The diameter of the shaft (where is rides in the wheel bearing ) on the replacement CV shaft (1.493") is slightly smaller than the original (1.502"). This creates a loose fit which I believe will lead to an early bearing or shaft failure. I've concluded that I'm not going to use the Surtrack #GM 8111 replacement shaft. I going to either send the original CV shaft out to Cardone for rebuild or use as is with fresh grease.

Does anyone know the outside diameter and thickness of the o'ring which fits between the knuckle and backing plate?

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