Toro 68 starts bogging/stumbling/stottering/stalls heavy after warming up

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Toro 68 starts bogging/stumbling/stottering/stalls heavy after warming up

Postby RRToro68 » Tue May 15, 2018 7:06 am

Hello everyone,

first of all i want to introduce my self. My name is Rick and i'm from Germany. I've just got a 1968 Olds Toronado. I hope i will soon drive it in Germany but first i need your help.

I picked it up on friday. The first 100 km on the autobahn were great! I only went 60 - 70 mph max. I made two stops after half an hour each.

After the second stop i was pulling onto the road. I was pushing the throttle to accelerate but instantly felt some resistance in the throttle. I was figuring that i might just got stuck with my shoe so i pushed just slightly harder. Then suddenly the throttle dropped a bit and the car accelerated hard. I immediately went off the throttle and then tried to accelerate slower. Now the car started bogging or stumbling or how ever you want to call it. It felt like the engine was jumping between stalling and accelerating. Over all i was slowing down more and more. When i tried to give it more gas or just stayed on the throttle, the car would stall completely. In idle the car runs normal. The problem got worse and worse but is gone when you let the engine cool down. But after a few miles (when the engine is hot again) the problem is back.

Could anyone give me some advise or even had the problem?

Greetings from Germany!

Otto Skorzeny
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Re: Toro 68 starts bogging/stumbling/stottering/stalls heavy after warming up

Postby Otto Skorzeny » Tue May 15, 2018 8:39 am

Offhand I'd say your accelerator pump in the Q-Jet is sticking or the plunger on the accelerator pump is torn or deformed.

Does your fuel suffer from ethanol poisoning over there? If so, the carburetor should be completely rebuilt to ensure that all gaskets and rubber parts are ethanol tolerant.

In any event, get some carburetor /choke cleaner and spray the daylights out of the accelerator pump and all the orifices you can reach with it. Spray down that little stove pipe looking thing inside the air horn.

Also, start the car and rev the engine while you spray in and around all parts of the carb. You may dislodge or dissolve some corrosion that's accumulated in the carb. This may have happened if the car hasn't been driven in a long time.

This worked for me when I first bought my car and had a similar bogging situation. The car hadn't been driven much in a long time. I eventually had the carb rebuilt with the correct jets and ethanol resistant parts.

If you want to have your carburetor professionally rebuilt, I highly recommend this company.

They also sell top quality kits to rebuild the carburetor yourself. You may also want to call them and speak with Tim Hewitt about your problem. He is extremely knowledgeable and may be able to talk you through a fix over the phone. He's done so for me several times.

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Toro 68 starts bogging/stumbling/stottering/stalls heavy after warming up

Postby bcroe » Wed May 23, 2018 6:49 pm

Something else to check, is your timing chain set. The original has plastic teeth on
the cam sprocket, guaranteed to eventually fail (regardless of low miles) and cause
much grief.

Don't tell me about what a job it is to do on a front driver, I have done a few.
good luck, Bruce Roe

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