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Re: Wheels

Postby Mrtoro67 » Fri Sep 28, 2018 12:50 pm

Eightballz wrote:totally interested in your cowl hood.

could you maybe post some pictures from the underside of the hood? also how did you mount the cowl scoop?

what brand / dimension did you used?

Sorry I have not returned you request, I have been ill.
Any way I bought it from Race Composits in Oldsmar, Fl
It is 37" long x21.5" wide and 2.5" high.
It was a feat to find one that fit between the hood groves. When I went to an Edilbrock carb I had to cut a hole in the hood to fit it. Brought tears to my eyes but could never get the Quadropuke to not leak.
Any way it was not hard to install
Ruffed up the paint where the scoop lip made contact. They say bare metal but bare metal always = rust. Next used self drilling screws every 2" and fastened it down.
Then took the screws out and used some automotive adhesive on the lip and screwed it back down. Cleaned off excess glue. Let it dry for 48 hours, that will depend on type adhesive you use. Next I removed the screws, sounds stupid but I used bolt head screws 1/4" if I remember right. Then comes the fun part. Use stripes of fiberglass to fill and final hold down. Hope you like what you have done because it is never coming off.

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Re: Wheels

Postby Eightballz » Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:58 pm

oh i really like the scoop. have to do this myself since i did a complete performance rebuild on the engine and without a proper intake i'll leave some hp on the table.

so thats an fiberglass scoop i assume? hows the stiffness of the construction? i'm afraid of the paint cracking on the edges of the scoop when slamming down the hood.

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