66 Toronado Deluxe for sale in Northern MN $5,000

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66 Toronado Deluxe for sale in Northern MN $5,000

Postby Twilight Fenrir » Thu May 05, 2016 6:45 am

Well, I've decided to sell my '66 Toronado Deluxe. I just don't get the enjoyment out of it that I used to, and am focusing on other things in my life.

The vehicle is partly restored, and 100% driveable. It runs and drives like a dream. It was driven every sunny day last summer, and it will be again this summer until it sells. Just drove 120 miles with it yesterday :P

It is all original, except that I have converted the notoriously bad front drum brakes to disc. Otherwise it is the original 425 Super Rocket mated to the THM425 3spd auto. A lot of the systems have been rebuilt, and there are many, many new parts.

The fuel system was completely replaced, in the case of the carburetor rebuilt, excepting the lines between the tank and the pump.
The entire front suspension was rebuilt when I did the brake conversion, including bearings, bushings, tie rods, the works. The brake parts are from a '69 Toronado, and readily available.
Cooling system was completely replaced, pump, radiator, all hoses.
Ignition system was replaced with a pointless ignition system, new plugs, wires, and coil.
Everything connected to brakes was replaced except for one line. Pads, rotors, shoes, master/slave cyls, etc.
The sealed beam headlights have been upgraded to Hella sealed beam conversion kits, making it have outstanding night driving that required no modification. Headlight doors DO open and close.
Brand new re-chromed rear bumper.
New windshield
Low mileage on 4 Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 tires
5 rechromed disc brake wheels, I still have all 5 of the old steel wheels too,which go with the car. As well as the service manual, and any number of old parts I saved if you want them.
There isn't a spot of rust on the undercarriage, it has factory under coating, and is pristine.
The paint looks good until you really start inspecting it. There is evidence of bondo around the front wheels on the fenders. It doesn't seem to extend more than an inch or so however. Also I welded in a patch in the rear wheel well after a tire disintegrated on me, it's still in rough steel, and still needs a little work to be perfect. But it's mostly under the sightline, and easily overlooked.

The car still has its gremlins, but nothing too serious...

The most expensive gremlin is the AC compressor needs to be rebuilt/replaced. Exempting if you want show quality paint, then that easily takes the cake.
The most time consuming is figuring out the vacuum fault in the automatic climate control system. (since it only sees summer driving, I really didn't care if the heat worked :P)
The most immediate need is fiddling with the choke to get it just right. It's a little difficult to start, and keep it running for the first minute, but then it will be stable and could run all day long.
The power window motors could use a little love, they go up and down, but require a little help with a hand every now and then.
There are probably a few pidly other things I can't think of... But nothing more major than the above.

It either has ~50K miles, or ~150k miles, honestly not sure. The interior is almost perfect (and plumb colored, will post more pictures when I can), so I could believe the former, but I'd bet on the latter. I do know the car sat in a garage unused from 1980 until 2010 when I bought it.


Thanks for looking! Feel free to ask any questions.
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Re: 66 Toronado Deluxe for sale in Northern MN $5,000

Postby Hoog » Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:15 am

Did you ever sell this car? I can't see the photos in the listing ...

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