Power antenna repair

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Power antenna repair

Postby Barney Eaton » Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:52 am

I am the BCA technical advisor for Buick Reattas and have rebuilt lots of GM Delco power antennas.
If you have a problem with a 1980 and up power antenna I can usually repair it. I repair the most common problem....broken plastic cords with steel cable which should last a long time. I can usually straighten bent mast or replace them. I charge $50 + $15 return shipping

On pre 1980 power antennas.... these were not Delco, but made by Tenna in Cleveland OH.
Parts are harder to find so you need to contact me. We need to discuss your problem and I can determine if I have the parts to make the repair. I often can take two antennas (if you have more than one) and make them into one good one.

I have many customers with Rivieras and your Toronado antenna should be very similar to those.
I charge $75 for the pre 1980 antennas + the $15 return shipping. You can also send me photos of your antenna to help analyze the problem.

I take checks and Paypal......... you can contact me directly at (512-869-5114) or (Barney@texas.net)

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