79 E Wheel Bearings

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79 E Wheel Bearings

Postby bcroe » Mon Jun 22, 2020 6:39 pm

In 2015 I spent 2 solid months getting the 79 E car back on the road, a
decade after I brought it to the new place. Made all those nearby natl
meets that summer. At 70,000 miles I had been doing my best to keep
new grease in the 4 wheel bearings. But the left rear went out, and I
got a replacement. I have been carrying an extra used front and rear
in the 'back forever, so a failure would not leave me stranded while a
search went for a replacement.

So NOW I am hearing a clink-clink from the left rear, failing again??
While the 3 originals continue on? The wheel cover removed, that
is not making the sound. This makes me unhappy. First is
the issue of replacement parts quality. Then the design of the 4 wheel
bearings, which are not provided with any way to renew the grease,
guess they wanted to be sure those cars would last no longer than the
grease. I did manage to insert grease fittings into the front ones, but
not the rear. Bruce Roe

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