1954 Oldsmobile Body Parts Catalog

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1954 Oldsmobile Body Parts Catalog

Postby 68RocketAction » Fri May 22, 2020 5:36 pm

Thanks to Charlie Jones having both the 1954 Chassis and Body Parts Catalogs in unbelievably good conditions. Between the both of us were able to work together and make both these catalogs into exceptionally high quality easy to navigate pdf’s. These should be extremely useful resources to all Oldsmobile owners that have models from 1937 to 1954. Plus for rest of us, I think we will find just looking through the illustrations an absolute pleasure.

I know allot of you are very familiar with what is contained and how to find things in these Catalogs. However, for those who don’t. I am listing them below.

1954 Oldsmobile Master Body Parts Catalog (Body Edition)
Made Available January 01, 1954
Oldsmobile Models 1937 to 1954

- Easy to use Alphabetical Index that will direct you to which section of the numbered group index that you can find your part number as well as corresponding illustrations.

- Very useful Model and Interior Charts

The Table of Contents has been color coated and each section has been hyperlinked to take you directly to that section. You can return to the table of contents at any time by pressing Home then page down. I have used the text recognition feature in Acrobat so both catalogs are completely searchable with Ctrl + F. I hope everyone finds these useful…

(However, of course even after size reduction it still is about 549 MB PDF file so you will want to download it.)




Due to File Size - You will need to download file

Google Drive File Location

Click Here

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