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toronado Carb

Postby harascho » Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:29 am

Hi folks,

I am thinking about some carb upgrade for my 1966 Toronado. Despite all actions my old carb is still leaking from the fuel bowl into the manifold. After just one day sitting it needs serious cranking to restart.
I repaired the well plugs with threaded plugs and glued them in. They withstood the soap and pressurized air test, but there was no change from the very beginning.
I am tending towards the complete aluminium casting beeing the cause of the trouble. Over the years it might become porous..

To give me something to work with I am looking for the latest electric choke Quadrajet comming of a 455 V8 to start with.
In which years of a 455 Toronado could I find something suitable? The younger the better...

Here's a more brief summary of the current situ:

The engine was overhauled, bored, mild cam, roller rockers added, still flat tappet lifters.
The pistons are + 0.040“ from Racetec and the engine now is a 434 cui instead the original 425 cui. Compression is around 9,7 :1

I overhauled the carb after a lot of research as I guessed my experience would be ok.
I cleaned, straightened the body, bushed the shafts, installed new Cam, a gasket kit, removed the idle tubes, cleaned everything and installed new ones, drilled out the well plugs, threaded the body, built threaded plugs and glued them in place….

This is what I’ve got now:

Problem 1 „Starting after sitting a while“:

Once started and driven it starts after the first turn oft he key. Sitting a day or two you have to crank it a lot until it will start. Sounds to me the carb is still leaking fuel although the well plugs were addressed. I installed a glass bowl fuel filter to see if that empties in that time.. -> NO. It stays at the same level and with the turn of the key the new fuel pump immediatly pumps fresh fuel through the filter.

Problem 2 „ Performance“
I would have expected a little more uuuumph from that new setup. I’m not able to „smoke the tires“, it still doesn’t feel like a almost 400 hp car.
It has good VAC, a nice rumbling idle, there are no VAC leaks around the carb, from the plugs color it runs a little lean. What I see at the carb that the top gasket always is a little wet with fuel.
The secondarys open, the throttle blades open to a full 90 deg.


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Toronado Carb

Postby bcroe » Sun Mar 19, 2017 5:11 pm

Check that your switch pitch trans is going to high stall when you push it hard; run the
click test. If not, you will loose performance. It will work even better by replacing the
factory control with with an electronic. Bruce Roe

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