Full Exhaust set available from Waldrons

Anything that you can see under the hood, all underhood electrical, fuel, coolant and A/C.
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Re: Full Exhaust set available from Waldrons

Postby xgecko » Tue Jun 07, 2016 3:42 pm

I have mixed feelings about what Otto said. On the one hand, these pipes are mandrel bent, on the other hand, he is correct in that a good shop will do a better job. Not sure of the cost factor, and I did the install myself yet had to have a shop rework the inlets due to issues along the lines of what Otto said.

I think I might have it done by a local shop next time around as long as the cost is not too much more, and it probably is not.

So I support Otto's position overall and suggest having a good local shop make custom pipes. I will say that you can get the performance muffler from Waldron's as it is better sounding that the stock version. It is a good unit and your local shop can install it along with the custom pipes.

I will take a video soon. Still working out issues from the lost rocker arm that exploded a couple of weeks ago...
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Re: Full Exhaust set available from Waldrons

Postby Otto Skorzeny » Tue Jun 07, 2016 6:30 pm

Return of the Gecko!

Yes, everything hinges on a good, competent, local muffler guy who knows how to use his equipment without just punching a button and having a computer do all the work.

Fortunately here, the shop has a nice Mandrel bender and he has patterns on flash cards going back decades. He can custom form pipes using the old ratty ones if the pattern isn't in the files.

He did two '66 Cadillac systems for friends recently, one of whom got screwed by Classic. His total price ended up being about $200 less than Classic.

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