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Inline Tube E Brake Cable and Brake Line Kit

Posted: Thu May 18, 2017 4:24 am
by Slang3400
Ordered a front and rear ebrake cable for my 67 from inline tube. Front cable was 4" too long and wouldn't adjust. Inline claimed my car was different than all the other Toros. They offered to repair/ replace their cable if I sent my original and their ng cable back at my expense. I thought they should have paid $20 return shipping, afterall their cable didn't match my original. They refused and said they would repair/ replace their ng cable for free. In my opinion this was poor customer service. Also the lock fittings that retain into the rear backing plates and the front floorpan had to be modified by me because their shape was different than my originals and wouldn't lock in. I previously ordered a complete brakeline kit and one line was missing- had to send mine back at my expense so they could duplicate and said they would make one for free. This was a line that should have been in the set to begin with. Just my experience with inline tube. I will not use inline tube in the future.