Re manufacturing parts

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Re manufacturing parts

Postby deaddds » Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:52 am

Looking to get a feel for what owners are willing to buy. I will post as well in the magazine. As some of you know its been difficult to find outfits that will do small runs of parts. I am still working on dash appliqués but its particularly hard to get it done correctly. I may have found a reliable small time outfit finally. Along with appliqués, how many are interested in the correct metal heater bypass tube that runs above the right side heads? This is often replaced with plain heater hose when these rust out. The other thing I'm asked about a lot is the 67-70 jack assembly package that holds all the pieces together. That is the styrofoam and cardboard wrapped container. Contact me direct at if you are wanting either or all of these produced. Regards Pat McMillan

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