1967 Parts Car. Disc brakes etc.

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1967 Parts Car. Disc brakes etc.

Postby Checkov » Sun Dec 14, 2014 1:01 pm

I spent a little time getting into my parts car today.

I had a suggestion to remove my steel wheels as they will sell. I was surprised to find underneath the front pair a set of disc brakes staring at me, I had no idea this car had discs. Since I've already worked on my 66 brake system (all 4 new drum refit) I won't be interested in these disc brakes.

I also finally got into my trunk and was disappointed. I had dreams of it being filled with good parts. I did find a few things: some sort of sprocket--never used. A timing chain--rusty but never used.
An unopened water pump gasket. Some odd gaskets.

I know these parts are unused because they still had the cardboard (rotten and falling apart) wrapping on them. I am soaking the timing chain now in oil.

This car is located in S Indiana and I have many other parts to sell as I won't be using them all.

( not sure if I should see the timing chain or keep)
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Doc Hubler
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Re: 1967 Parts Car. Disc brakes etc.

Postby Doc Hubler » Sun Dec 14, 2014 3:54 pm

The timing gear and chain are junk, throw them away. Here's a picture of an original nylon timing gear with a chip in it. They were practically worthless when new.

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