WTB 66, 67 or 70 GT 2+ condition Toronado

Post your wants and desires for any Toronado.
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WTB 66, 67 or 70 GT 2+ condition Toronado

Postby 6670GTToro » Fri Feb 07, 2014 6:38 pm

Looking for a strong 2+ condition 66 or 67 Toronado or 70 GT. Rust or rust repair of any significance is out. Restoration documentation is essential, especially on a painted or restored car. Nice original or restored or semi restored cars are fine. Higher option cars with at least working AC is preferred. No white , black, yellow, baby blue etc, prefer factory metallic colors. The ideal car would be a strong original car with pedigree and nice presentable original paint or a high quality documented repaint. Fully restored cars must include photo and expense documentation. I'm in California, west coast cars preferred. A thorough rack inspection will be required regardless of location. Low mileage cars will require appropriate pedigree or documentation to be considered as low mileage, no stories or conjecture. A current market price commensurate with condition will be paid. Have funds in hand, will travel or send inspector. I have been restoring cars professionally for over 25 years heard all the stories, seen all the tricks,

Garrett 408 489 7928

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Re: WTB 66, 67 or 70 GT 2+ condition Toronado

Postby bluecab » Tue Jan 06, 2015 2:04 pm


No responses after all this time..

Could it be your ATTITUDE?

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Re: WTB 66, 67 or 70 GT 2+ condition Toronado

Postby Otto Skorzeny » Tue Jan 06, 2015 3:11 pm


I agree with all he said but he could have been a little more diplomatic - especially on a club website devoted to the car in question - instead of implying that everybody out there is trying to con him.

Anyway, I asked a seller on ebay yesterday about the wire wheels on a really nice looking Toronado he's selling. Instead of answering the question, I got this reply:

So u r not interested in buying my car but only care about specs for my wheels ? WOW


That pretty much killed any interest I had in his car.

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Re: WTB 66, 67 or 70 GT 2+ condition Toronado

Postby Gator » Tue Jan 06, 2015 7:30 pm

He seems to have been combing the Olds/Buick forums during that same time. He made similar requests on the Buick Riviera GS and Olds Cutlass Supreme SX WTB. Must really be interested in the more rare 455s. Although, he went into a bit more detail on this forum than on those others. We must be more suspicious. :lol:

Not shy about making his private information public. Assuming this person really is Garrett Gettleman, it wasn't hard finding where he lives and works. Anyone want to trade a GT for some new solar panels?

Some folks are more business-like in their approach. To your point, it probably would serve him better to get to know folks a little on the forums before jumping in with both feet like that.
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