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Years Owned: Owned a '69 back in about '77, this cat was a legend in the Nebraska panhandle, it was very fast even for it's size. It would absoloutly fog the front tires from a standing start; I don't mean spin them, I mean just boil 'em from a standing start for at least 100' (measured)! I know what you're thinking, they weren't old rag tires they were modern Yokohoma radials. I'm sure this car would have ran 150mph too because many times I had the cruise set on 135 with 1/2 the gas pedal left. BTW this was in the middle of nowhere Wyoming.
I'm finally about to start work on my '66 that I've owned for 10 years. I plan to make sure my '66 425 runs just as strong as my '69 455 did. I hope to be doing some write-ups for the Driver as I go through the '66. I'll be updating it with disc brakes, electric fans (gasp), good stereo system, battery in the trunk etc., etc. as time and money allows.
I also may be building some new wheels with the correct offset, etc.
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Postby Graniteman » Fri Sep 13, 2013 7:33 am

test-o-rama to see if I got rid of the ugly stuff...........
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