1968 W34 Toronado

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Re: 1968 W34 Toronado

Postby 69W34 » Wed May 28, 2014 8:32 pm

With in the last year or so and with reasonable confidence I believe that the built date displayed on the body plate reflects that of the order date (as in when the initial order was entered into the system) and based on information from the built sheet {AKA broadcast sheet} (a very rare commodity) of a given car, of which its order date coincides with the built date of the body plate.
In other words as it was entered/keyed into the 'box' provided for the order date as in 5/28/14 it would show up on the body plate as 5 E = fifth month / fifth week that may sound odd. It is however normal if a Friday was the 1st of a given month it would be the first week of that month 6 A Even though its only one day. The same would hold for Friday the 28th of Nov 2014 it could be would be seen as 11 D followed by Monday Dec 1, would show up as 12 A. Each week of a given month was give a letter A B C D E even if it was one day all depending on how it fell on the calender.
The toros were unique one line one sequence but that does not mean all things were equal but will stop there, only to add there a wealth of the information looming within the database it just takes time to disseminate it all and some days I'm still left scratching my head. As in the line from the movie Short Circuit "I need input" as in where in the world is this going to take me next ?!!!!
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Re: 1968 W34 Toronado

Postby ArmyVet » Tue Jul 19, 2016 10:06 am

I finally got around to tearing the engine apart. The Crank is the rare forged crank and it appears to be uncut. The main and rod journals are in excellent shape.

Also FWIW, the casting date on the camshaft is 34.

I have the crank up for sale on the Classic Olds website.

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